Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Climate Change Consortium

The Greater Sudbury Climate Change Consortium was established and officially endorsed by the municipal council in November, 2009, and subsequently by the City of Greater Sudbury Healthy Community Cabinet.

The Climate Change Consortium brings together various partners who have a stake in ensuring the City of Greater Sudbury is able to adapt to climate change impacts.  Our purpose is continuing to assess the potential impacts of climate change on industry, people, municipal infrastructure, and water resources.  Together, we can determine what adaptation strategies will be needed to address these impacts in the City of Greater Sudbury and its watersheds.

What we can expect in a Changing Climate

Scientists estimate that Ontario will warm an average of two to five degrees Celsius within the next 75 to 100 years.  Warming during the winter months is projected to be greater than during the summer months, and extreme events, such as floods, droughts, and storms will likely become more frequent and severe.  We may see a slight precipitation increase on an annual basis, with uncertain changes in seasonal distribution of precipitation.  More precipitation will fall as rain and less as snow. 

A shorter winter and longer summer is projected, with many more hot days compared to in the past.  As temperature and evaporation increase, there will be a reduction of the moisture content in the soil.  The rise in water temperature during heat waves will contribute to a decline in water quality. During winter months, there will be an increase in the frequency of freeze-thaw cycles.  For more information, visit our local resources page.

Focus on Adaptation

The Climate Change Consortium has a focus on developing adaptive capacity to better deal with the impacts of our changing climate.  We are committed to organizing people of more vulnerable groups so their voice is heard by governments.  We are developing adaptation strategies that ensure equitable access to water, healthy food, housing and access to health care (including public and mental health services).  We are developing a community-based planning process for adaptation to climate change that is systemic and not just event-driven. Our goal is to be proactive instead of reactive.

Guiding Principles

The Greater Sudbury Climate Change Consortium is committed to being:

  • science-based,
  • community-based,
  • transparent,
  • inclusive of all,
  • non-partisan, and
  • focused on action leading to climate change adaptation solutions.

With collaboration, we can work together to meet the challenges of a changing climate.


New Information Update

Heat resilient Canadian and Communities Information Resources - Available 2012

Resource information outlines the best practices implemented in Canada and other countries and steps that communities can take to mitigate heathealth risks and promote heat resiliency among Canadians.

Please see our National Climate Science page for more information.

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