Local Climate Science

Moving from Research into Action on Issues of Climate Change for a Canadian Community: Integration of Sciences into Decision Making

Article by Dr. Liette Vasseur, published in the International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, Volume 2, Number 4, issued by Common Ground Publishing.  This paper examines the process (from the research to knowledge transfer and public engagement) and the steps that have been taken by the community of Greater Sudbury to integrate climate change scenarios and impacts data to find responses to better adapt to climate change. (Read more...) PDF

Climate Action: Sudbury's Ongoing Story--Opening the Gate

Report of the Gateway Knowledge Mobilization Workshop held in Sudbury, Ontario, February 21st, 2012, as part of the Gateway Project, funded through the Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative.  (Read more...) PDF

Gateway Workshop Presentations

  • Sudbury: A Leader in Adaptation by Al Douglas, OCCIAR (View) PDF
  • City of Greater Sudbury Emergency Management Program by Lynn Fortin, CGS (View) PDF
  • Ontario Weather and Water Information Gateway: Overview of the What, the Why, and the How by James Britton, Ministry of Natural Resources (View) PDF
  • Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative Gateway Project, Sudbury LAC by Ian Cameron (View)
Moving Forward Together: Climate Change & Social Justice Conference

Conference report of the workshop held in Sudbury, Ontario, February 24 to 26, 2011, where almost seventy community members gathered to start a dialogue about climate change and its disproportionate effects on various aspects of our community. (Read more...) PDF

The Weather and Water Information Gateway

The Gateway is part of a suite of tools that decision makers can access as they work collaboratively to make necessary adaptations to climate change impacts. (Read more...)

Climate Change Adaptation Process in Greater Sudbury

A timeline, prepared by Emily McMillan, showing some of the highlights of Greater Sudbury's journey to climate change adaptation. (Read more...) PDF

Greater Sudbury 2030 Newscast

Watch an imagined future for Greater Sudbury under a changed climate. (Watch...) VIDEO

EarthCare Sudbury's 2010 Action Plan

This update to the EarthCare Sudbury Local Action Plan, developed in consultation with the EarthCare Sudbury Partners, represents a renewal to the commitment of Sudbury to become more sustainable. (Read more...)

City of Greater Sudbury Official Plan

The Official Plan for the City of Greater Sudbury was adopted by City Council on June 14th, 2006, setting out the city's long term objectives, including those related to environmental sustainability. (Read more...)

Healthy Community Cabinet Advisory Panel

Sudbury's Health Community Cabinet guides work on multiple initiatives that will improve the human health and sustainability of the city, including the sustainable mobility plan. (Read more...)

Climate Change Position Paper: Positioning the Nickel District Conservation Authority within the City of Greater Sudbury in a Future Climate

Prepared for the Nickel District Conservation Authority, March 2009, by Dr. Liette Vasseur of  Brock University and Emily McMillan of Laurentian University. The paper examines the municipal impact of climate change and provides short, medium, and long-term recommendations and plans for protecting our region, residents, and water resources. (Read More...) PDF

Positioning the Nickel District Conservation Authority within the City of Greater Sudbury in a Future Climate

A presentation made to Conservation Ontario Council, April 27, 2009, by NDCA Chair Bob Rogers and Dr. Liette Vasseur. The presentation covers numerous aspects pertaining to climate change vulnerability and adaptation. (Read More...) POWER POINT Presentation 

Climate Change Planning Session Report

This document was the product of work done by Dr. Liette Vasseur and Emily McMillan, and was released June 5, 2009. The report focuses on issues surrounding adaptation and risk management as they relate specifically to discussions of climate change locally. (Read More...) PDF

Sudbury Climate Change Consortium: A Collaborative Initiative of the Nickel District Conservation Authority

An overview of what community groups can do to take action to prepare and respond to the threat of climate change in Greater Sudbury. (Read More...) PDF

Adapting to Climate Change: Canada’s First National Engineering Vulnerability Assessment of Public Infrastructure

In April 2008, the final report was prepared by Dennis Consultants for the City of Greater Sudbury Infrastructure Services Department. The report assesses the impact climate change can have on the functionality of  local infrastructure. (Read More...) PDF

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