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Climate Change and Health Assessment, Human Health in a Changing Climate, A Canadian Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacity.

How will a Changing Climate Affect the Health of People Living in Canada?

Events have illustrated that both developed and under-developed countries can be overwhelmed by climate-related events, and that people living in Canada could be vulnerable. In response, the Government of Canada is assessing the health impacts of a changing climate.

For more information Assessing the Health Effects of Climate Change - Health Canada - Environmental and Workplace Health 

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Heat resilient Canadian and Communities Information Resources - Available 2012

Resource information outlines the best practices implemented in Canada and other countries and steps that communities can take to mitigate heathealth risks and promote heat resiliency among Canadians.

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Environmental and Workplace Health:

Canadian Case Studies

The Canadian Institute of Planners has completed ten case studies demonstrating community climate change adaptation planning actions in municipalities, the private sector, and NGOs.  Available in French and English. (Read more...)

PICS News Scan

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at the University of Victoria produces this weekly summary of the major climate-change related science, technology, and policy advances of direct relevance to the BC provincial and Canadian federal governments and more generally to Canadian businesses, government, and civil society. (Read more...)

Having the Climate Conversation: Strategies for Local Government

This report from ICLEI Canada, with funding from Natural Resources Canada, focuses on the WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW municipal practitioners can best inform and educate stakeholders within the community about the complex issue of climate change. The resource also includes a section on challenges, which identifies some of the main roadblocks facing municipal climate change communication and how they can be overcome. (Read more...)

Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada

The National Round Table on the Environment and Economy warns that unless greenhouse gas emissions are brought down and Canada invests in adaptation, the economic impacts of climate change on Canada could climb to billions of dollars per year. (Read more...) PDF.


Climadapt is a network of environmental organizations that provide innovative climate change adaptation expertise in Canada and internationally.  (Read more...)

Natural Resources Canada Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Publications

Natural Resources Canada, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division, has produced a number of publications, including assessment reports, research reports, and posters. (Read more...)

Natural Step Canada

The Natural Step Canada houses sustainability toolkits that share best practices for moving forward toward sustainability.  Of interest may be the Best Practices Scan of Sustainability Decision Making and Planning for the Municipal Sector.  (Read more...)

Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada

The National Round Table on the Environment and Economy has published a unique illustration that depicts how climate change could impact Canada over the 21st century across a range of different levels of warming. The diagram sits inside our new report, which explains for Canadians in greater detail what climate change will mean across eight major categories, ranging from ecosystems and water resources to human health issues and several others. (Read more…)

Adapting to Climate Change: Canada’s First National Engineering Vulnerability Assessment of Public Infrastructure

A publication of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, released April 2008. The document is an overview inventory and assessment of infrastructure to gauge engineering vulnerability in the face of climate change. (Read More...) PDF

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Atlantic Canada, June 2008

A document prepared for the Atlantic Environment Ministers Meeting demonstrating a regional approach to climate change adaptation. (Read more...)

From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada, in a Changing Climate, 2007

A document prepared by the Government of Canada which discusses the future risks and opportunities that are anticipated to result from climate change. (Read More...) PDF

Adapting to Climate Change: An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities

This document was published by the Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN) in February 2006. The document examines issues facing government as they pertain to adapting to climate change and the challenges that arise. (Read More...) PDF

Getting Started on Adaptation to Climate Change

An article by David Noble published in the March 2006 edition of Municipal World. (Read More...) PDF

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